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My approach to Naturopathic Care is this:

  1. Find the cause. For years I struggled to tackle my own health issues because I was not addressing the cause with Naturopathy. Instead I was on a medication merry-go-round. While I am highly respectful and very grateful for the care that the medical world gave me it wasn’t addressing the deep core of my personal health issues. Using the latest scientific pathology testing we are able to create “your health dashboard” that tells us biochemically what is in balance and what is out of balance.
  2. Address the cause. Generally I tend not to work on symptomatic care. My focus is on corrective care and addressing the root cause. In some cases the client is in need of symptomatic care, but generally addressing the problem is my preferred method.
  3. Be a teacher. I often refer to myself a more of a “coach”. I am passionate about teaching you how this vessel of yours functions. Once you understand the first step towards empowerment begins. My clients know how much I LOVE drawing pictures an diagrams. In each room at the clinic we have whiteboards on the wall to help us explain how biochemical pathways and organ function in a way that is super easy to understand.

Suzi Le Fanue Sunshine Coast Naturopathy at Integrated Wellness Clinic. Naturopath Consultations at Integrated Wellness Clinic

My treatment methods follow the Integrated Wellness 3 step methodology. Interestingly these also relate to the essence of Naturopathy.

  1. Pathology Testing 
  2. Collaborative Care
  3. Education and Empowerment

Integrated Wellness Clinic is well stocked with Practitioner Only products and core health foods. These are available for local Sunshine Coast clients or they can be easily posted to rural and interstate Naturopath clients.

Naturopathy Consultations are beneficial for those suffering with an array of health concerns such as:

Naturopath consultations are offered in short consultations or long consultations depending on your needs.

To find out more about what to expect in a consultation with me please see here: “What to expect in a Naturopath Consultation“.

To find out more about the exact Pathology Testing available see here: “Naturopath Pathology Testing“.

I consult with a limited number of new clients per month.

If you are interested in my Naturopathic Care consultations please contact Integrated Wellness Clinic or phone (07) 5458 4800 and my incredible administration team will explain the process with you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Suzi Le Fanue 🙂 

Australian Naturopath Practitioners Associations ANTA , ANPA , ATMS

What is Naturopathy

Where to next?

Book your FREE Naturopathic Assessment Consultation to get you started. Consultations start at $57. 

We use the ‘Healthpoint’ health fund rebate system in the clinic our accredited Naturopaths have current health fund provider status. This means if you bring your card to the consultation you can usually claim your rebate on the spot using our Healthpoint terminal, and only pay the gap on your consultation. This helps you see your health fund benefit sooner.

No matter where you are, we can offer naturopath consultation by phone or skype consultations and nutritional supplementation through Australia and Overseas. Alternatively, we would love to see you in person in our Brisbane Naturopath or Gold Coast Naturopath or either or Buderim Naturopath or Caloundra Naturopath Clinic on the Sunshine Coast.

Buderim Centre 10/102 Burnett St, uderim

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Caloundra Centre 7/51-55 Bulcock St, Caloundra

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Brisbane Centre 5/6 Thynne Rd, Morningside

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Gold Coast Centre  Tower 3 Level 1 – 30106/9 Lawson Street Southport QLD 4215

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