What is Naturopathic Medicine

What is Naturopathic Medicine?


Naturopathic medicine takes a very holistic approach through involving a range of various treatments including:

Naturopathic Medicine

  • Implementing dietary changes and using food for its nutrient and phytonutrient components.

  • Lifestyle changes, which can vary from exercise to spiritual practices, work-life-balance, reducing causes of stress and implementing effective stress management strategies, and even changing jobs/location.

  • Nutritional supplementation to ensure deficiencies and imbalances are addressed. There are now many companies that produce high quality nutritional supplements that can only be accessed and prescribed to clients by qualified natural health practitioners. This is because a lot of the supplements on the market are poorly absorbed or may not contain the correct dose that is needed.

  • Herbal medicines, which can be taken as capsules/tablets, liquid tinctures, or used in topical creams.

  • Counselling and psychological support, which Naturopaths learn as part of their training. However, many Naturopaths find there is a great importance in addressing psychological and emotional issues, and will go on to do further training in mind-body therapies and will utilise these treatments extensively in their clinical practice.


Each Naturopath will have a slightly different way of using these therapies depending on the individual patient, as Naturopaths believe that not all individuals can be treated exactly the same, as no two bodies are exactly the same. Two patients may have the same health condition, however, the way it has affected their physical body and emotional wellbeing may be hugely different, therefore the treatment for each patient would be different.


Naturopaths also have special interests and certain conditions they have gained experience and expertise in treating, therefore, this will impact the forms of treatment they use. For example, some Naturopaths specialise in weight loss and weight management, and therefore the Naturopathic treatments they use may include dietary and lifestyle changes, some counselling, and maybe some nutritional supplementation. Other Naturopaths have a particular interest in hormonal issues, and therefore have a lot of success in utilising herbal medicine as a main part of the treatment plan. It can depend on the condition, or the patient’s personal preferences as to what treatment modalities are used.

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We use the ‘Healthpoint’ health fund rebate system in the clinic our accredited Naturopaths have current health fund provider status. This means if you bring your card to the consultation you can usually claim your rebate on the spot using our Healthpoint terminal, and only pay the gap on your consultation. This helps you see your health fund benefit sooner.

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